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Dead Air Silencers NOMAD-30

Dead Air Silencers has done it again. The masterminds in Utah sat around, sipping whiskey, brainstorming the next big thing for us, and gave us the NOMAD-30.

When Mike and Todd sit down and design a can, we know we are going to get something that’s worth the wait. And when I heard how the part of that meeting went, I couldn’t help but smile.

“We considered adding a barrel length restriction to the Nomad. The we said ‘F that. We’re Dead Air and we don’t do barrel length restrictions.”

The Nomad-30 is fatter than your average .30cal rifle silencer. It has a diameter of 1.735″ and a length of a mere 6.5″ when utilizing the direct thread 5/8×24 mount. Now for the amazing part; it only weighs in at 14 ounces! Made from Grade 5 Titanium and 17-4 Stainless Steel, it’s lightweight for a long day in the woods hunting, and durable enough to run a weekend carbine class.

One thing that stands out to me, is that I am not stuck with a direct thread mount. Having already invested in several Dead Air Key Mount Flash Hiders for the Sandman Series, I would of been disappointed if I had to remove them to utilize this can. Thinking ahead for people like me, Dead Air designed the Nomad to accept the same Key-Mo as the SilencerCo Omega.

With a retail price of $916, and a street price hovering around $750, the Nomad may quickly become the next best seller for Dead Air Silencers. I know I have already filed for mine. Will you?